Amazing efficiency; ultra-quiet fans; good price/performance ratio


Unimpressive overclocking headroom; questionable Nvidia marketing

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1920 x 1080 Benchmarks

3DMark Fire Strike


At stock speeds, the GTX 1070 is 4% ahead of the GTX 980 Ti, and just barely 0.5% ahead at overclocked speeds. We were surprised to find that the overall score was lower for the GTX 1070 in the overclocked comparison, despite a higher Graphics Score... perhaps the drivers are imposing more of a load on the CPU. Anyway, we'll keep an eye out for this when we test games that push the CPU hard.

Rise of the Tomb Raider DX11


We love this game, and we're glad to see that the game has become popular with both gamers and benchmarkers. With the standard DX11 code path, the cards are pretty close, with the GTX 1070 5% ahead at stock and less than 1% ahead once overclocked. Note that the minimum results are a little inconsistent from run to run, but one thing's for sure: cards with 4GB or less of VRAM do not run this game well at these settings, despite decent averages.

Far Cry 4


Far Cry 4 proved itself capable of bringing older cards to their knees when it was released in late 2014, and this was especially true of older Nvidia cards. While none of the players here have trouble with it at 1080p, we can see that at stock speeds, the GTX 1070's nearly 60% ahead of its older cousin, the GTX 970, 32% ahead of the GTX 980 (its direct rival in terms of price class), and a step ahead of the 980 Ti. Once overclocking is taken into consideration, the older Maxwell-based cards all get just a bit closer to the 1070, which still emerges with the win. 

The Witcher 3


We run this game with all settings maxed, other than Hairworks, which we turn off. The GTX 1070 is a step ahead at stock, but when overclocked, the GTX 980 Ti catches up, and in fact surpasses the GTX 1070 in minimums.

Crysis 3


But will it run Crysis? Amazingly, we don't even have all the settings maxed out here, as there are still several steps of anti-aliasing we could have used to put the beat down on our contenders. The GTX 1070 can certainly run this game fluidly, but it's not all that much better than the 980 Ti. 

The interesting thing about Crysis 3 is that even when you're pushing your GPUs to the limit, the CPU is still working hard. Believe it or not, we were CPU limited in this game on our GTX 1070 when running at 1080p at both stock and overclocked settings, as well as on the GTX 980 Ti when overclocked. That's a sign of a very well-balanced game!

Battlefield 4


BF4, how we love thee! This title ends up being the best for the GTX 1070, as the GTX 980 Ti can't hope to catch it, even with overclocking.

Now we'll turn to our 1440p benchmarks, which we hope will be the GTX 1070's sweet spot!

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