Here at The Tech Buyer's Guru, we've reviewed a whole lot of PC peripherals, but there's one category of desktop accessory we've used every day since the very beginning, but never reviewed: the humble desk chair. Then again, desk chairs aren't all that humble, if you consider how much some of them sell for!

Over the past few years, a number of PC component manufacturers have jumped into the market, and all we can say is the more competition, the better. We've used a number of the ultra-premium designer chairs out there, and none have impressed us all that much, so having another crack at reinventing the wheel actually sounds like a good thing to us.

The Corsair T2 Preview

And that brings us to Corsair's new T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair, which Corsair announced at CES 2018 in January. Because we were on hand to witness the unveiling, Corsair was kind enough to pass along one of the very first samples off the production line. We've put together a preview unboxing video that includes a pretty cool timelapse of the assembly process. Check it out at the link below!

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