Great responsiveness; good RGB effects; awesome configurable mouse shape


It's wired; ideally would use have more cutting-edge RGB lighting

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We’ve tested a whole lot of mice over the years, publishing a major peripherals shootouts in 2015, and following that up with several one-off reviews of some truly groundbreaking mice over the years, as well as a few that perhaps didn't move the ball forward quite as much. Our last Corsair mouse review was of the M65 Pro RGB in 2016, and as competent as it was, it honestly fell into the latter camp, in part because the shape just wasn't quite right.

Today we're testing the latest high-end wired gaming mouse from Corsair, the Glaive RGB Pro, which builds upon the great foundation established by the Glaive in mid-2017, but with some major enhancements befitting a 2nd-generation product. What hasn't hanged is the innovative multi-grip design, which allows users to snap one of three thumb grips to best fit their preferences. Essentially, Corsair is providing three mice in one, meaning just about everyone will find a shape to fit their needs. To provide the best demonstration of all of the Glaive's features, we've created a video review, which you can watch below.

Special thanks to Corsair for providing a sample of its Glaive RGB Pro Mouse for review.

TBG's Video Review


If you’re looking for the best wired gaming mouse available for $70, you just found it with the new Glaive RGB Pro from from Corsair. It builds upon a classic mouse shape by providing configurable thumb grips to fit just about any user, and it has the right amount of buttons for a proper FPS mouse. It also has cool RGB lighting that syncs up with Corsair's excellent iCUE software suite.

But read between the lines and you'll see there are a few caveats in our conclusion. You see, if you wanted the best wired mouse value, that would be the Logitech G403 wired, which is selling for under $40 right now. If you wanted the mouse with the best RGB effects, you'd pick the Roccat Kone EMP that we reviewed here, which showed the world how you take lightpipes to the next level. And if you wanted the best mouse available for around $80, you'd go straight for the Logitech G703 Wireless, which we reviewed here, and which we believe has made high-end wired mice obsolete. In other words, if Corsair is targeting the wired mouse competition in the $70 price range from the likes of Razer (the Basilisk) or Logitech (the G502 Hero), Corsair has a winner on its hands, but that's not where we see the best products today.

The Corsair Glaive Pro RGB is available for $69.99 shipped from Amazon, as of our publication date. As always, for all our latest recommendations in the keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and game controller categories, check out our Keyboard and Mouse Buyer’s Guide, updated quarterly.