Uses cutting-edge GaN semiconductors to provide 60W of output from a small form factor


What's billed as "intelligent" power allocation is pretty darn dumb; no cables included

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While we get most of the gear we review directly from manufacturers, occasionally something catches our eye that we decide to buy at retail because it fits a very specific need we have in our testing. Such is the case with the Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 60W USB Type C Charger, which we specifically purchased to pair with our LG Gram 13 Laptop (reviewed here) and our Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. The Atom PD 2 has two claims to fame. First, it uses gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors in place of the more common (and cheaper) silicon-based type, which allows Anker to pack a lot of power into a very small form factor. Second, it uses the Power Delivery standard that is part of the USB Type-C specification. Type-C is poised to replace all other connectors, thanks to its robust design, ease-of-use (it can be inserted either way), and its ability to transmit both data and power.

Description and Features

There's not much to say about this charger, other than it's small, dense, and relatively stylish, clearly taking cues from Apple. It has a convenient flip-out plug, and of course has two USB Type-C outputs. It does not come with any cables, and given that virtually no devices today come with Type-C to Type-C cables, you will almost certainly have to buy a cable to use with this charger. We chose an Amazon USB Type-C Gen 1 cable and a Cable Matters USB Type-C Gen 2 cable to test out the capabilities of the charger.


Simply put, we were a bit disappointed at the performance of the Atom PD 2. We specifically purchased it at retail in order to charge our LG Gram laptop and Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone simultaneously, and the fact that it splits power 50/50 between its two ports makes poor use of its 60W output. But there's more to say, which you can see in our full video review:

Hope that sums it up!


The Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 60W USB Type C Charger is available for $57 from Amazon, as of our publication date. If your typical usage scenario is charging one high-powered device (like a laptop) at any given time, it's a great pick. But if you want to use both outputs regularly, it would be better to buy the Anker PowerPort Atom III, which provides a useful USB Type-A port, and offers a much more useful 45W/15W permanent split, rather than the 60W/0W or 30W/30W split of the PD 2 we tested. We'd recommend you pair either with the very affordable Amazon USB Type-C Gen 1 Charging Cable.