TBG's YouTube Channel


Ever since The Tech Buyer's Guru first hit the 'net in early 2013, readers had been asking us for video how-to guides and reviews. Well, after much contemplation and preparation, TBG's YouTube channel was launched in Spring of 2017, and we'd like to think it's been getting better ever since! We provide in-depth unboxings, reviews, and how-to guides on YouTube for a wide range of products, but rest assured that you'll continue to see lots of great content on the website too. We feel pretty strongly that some content is simply better presented in readable format, while other content definitely makes a much bigger impact on video.

We shoot our YouTube videos using a Panasonic G85 Camera, Rode VideoMicPro, and Manfrotto Pro Video Tripod Head with matching tripod, and produce them using CyberLink PowerDirector.

Because we have so much content going up on YouTube, you may just want to jump over to our YouTube channel to browse the videos directly, including our vast trove of radio controlled vehicle videos, which you may (or may not!) find entertaining. You can also scroll down to check out all the YouTube videos that we've created to accompany our written reviews and guides on this site.