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TBG Commentary – “Intel’s Disastrous Skylake Rollout”

IntelTwo months ago, we blogged about the halting release of Intel’s Skylake platform. Back then, it was clear Intel had announced a release in August 2015 simply to placate motherboard manufacturers who had their Z170 boards ready to ship. These board partners had already been burned once by Intel in 2014 when they developed Z97 boards for the aborted Broadwell platform. Well, now it’s clear that Intel simply can’t get its house in order. We’re shocked that no one else in the press has picked up on it, so we’ll have to make some headlines ourselves: Skylake is by far the most disastrous CPU rollout in history. Continue reading

TBG Commentary – “It’s an Ama-zon World We Live In”

AmazonNot long ago, we wrote a piece about Amazon’s market dominance, and then we looked at how one challenger hoped to combat it. Well, we’re here to tell you the story isn’t over, and Amazon just keeps getting bigger and stronger. Now comes word from Bloomberg that during the big holiday shopping spree capped by Black Friday, Amazon captured almost 40% of online retail sales, more than its next 21 biggest competitors…combined. Continue reading

TBG Commentary – “Are Black Friday Sales Still the Real Deal?”

BFLast year, we took to this page to warn tech buyers that they shouldn’t wait until Cyber Monday to catch the best deals, as Cyber Monday was an artifact of the past and would yield nothing but the dregs left over from the extended Black Friday bonanza. Well, it didn’t take long for Cyber Monday to get its revenge, as this Black Friday proved that designated “shopping days” are an anachronism in the age of a constant wave of coupons, price matching, and deals on demand. Continue reading

TBG Commentary – “Is the Future of E-Commerce?”

jetBack in early 2015, an internet entrepreneur, Mark Lore, flush with $550MM in cash from the sale of his company Quidsi (aka to, decided to take his proceeds, bundle them with additional startup funding, and create a new company,, to wage a full-on assault against Amazon. He’s hoping to unseat Amazon as the dominant player in American commerce, with goals of $20 billion sales by 2020. Our take: is dreaming big but doesn’t have the legs to get the job done…

Continue reading

TBG Commentary – “Western Digital’s Game of Hard Drive Musical Chairs”

WDA few days ago, news broke of a huge deal in the technology space: Western Digital’s purchase of SanDisk for $19 billion. That’s a lot of money, and it’s a sign that Western Digital knows the days of its hard drive business are numbered. And now comes word that Western Digital is folding its Green line of 5400RPM hard drives into its 7200PRM Blue line. WD’s spin on this is it will help consumers choose the right product. Our take: corporate whitewash from a company with a stale product line. Continue reading

TBG Commentary – “Intel’s 14nm Woes and the Future of CPU Tech”

6600KDespite Intel’s deafening silence on the issue, one thing’s for sure: Intel is having a lot of trouble getting its 14nm fabrication going. We wrote about this back in June, upon the aborted launch of Intel’s Broadwell 14nm desktop chips, and again in August, upon the paper launch of the Intel Core i5-6600K and Core i7-6700K, which utilize the 14nm production process that was supposed to have been proven on Broadwell. It’s October, and guess what… Intel’s 14nm chips are still in short supply. Continue reading

TBG Commentary – “Amazon’s Ban on Streaming Devices and the Future of Shopping”

FireTV StickAs has been widely reported in both the tech press and the mainstream press, Amazon has just banned the sale by third party vendors of streaming devices that do not carry Amazon Prime Video. Instead, it suggests shoppers purchase its FireTV Stick or other Prime-compatible devices. For the most part, this was just covered as another story, without a lot of analysis. But here on the TBG Blog, we don’t post a story unless we’ve got something to say about it… Continue reading