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With the release of AMD's quad-core Ryzen chips, it's finally time for the Budget Gamer to move on from Intel, so a new thread has been created to discuss the ins and outs of building this AMD-based system. You can check out the previous Intel-based $750 Budget Gaming PC thread here.

Comments or questions on TBG's Guide to Assembling an AMD Ryzen PC (2017)? Post them here!

Virtual Reality / TechFestNW 2017 - New Applications for VR
« on: April 07, 2017, 03:06:18 PM »
Questions or comments on the latest applications for VR/AR tech, as discussed in TBG's coverage of TechFestNW 2017? Post them here?

Questions or comments on TBG's look at Founders Edition vs. Open-Air GTX 1080 Cards? Post them here!

LG has just released a new 27" 4K IPS monitor, and despite adding a critical feature, the price is even lower than previous 4K IPS models: $400. And for one day only, you can get an even better deal - grab the LG 27UD58P-B IPS 4K UHD Free-Sync Gaming Monitor for just $350 shipped from Newegg.

What's the critical feature, you may ask? A fully height-adjustable stand, which the previous $450 model lacked!

Comments or questions about TBG's Ultra-Extreme ITX PC Buyer's Guide? Post them here!

Comments or questions about TBG's Mechanical Keyboard Roundup? Post them here!

Cases, Power Supplies, and Cooling / TBG's 120mm CPU Cooler Shootout
« on: March 06, 2017, 02:25:20 PM »
Questions or comments about TBG's 120mm CPU Cooler Shootout? Post them here!

Are y'all ready for this?

Keep your eyes peeled - the full hands-on assembly guide will drop in a few days!!!

Update: the beast is alive - check it out right here!

Questions or comments regarding TBG's hands-on look at assembling a High-End PC for 2017? Post them here!

Issues related to forum use / The TBG Forum gets its 500th member!
« on: February 01, 2017, 01:25:35 PM »
The TBG Forum, after 3 years of existence, has just hit 500 members! Thanks to all of you for making this a helpful and friendly resource for tech enthusiasts the world over. The Forum actually has about 5,000 visitors monthly, and all the great questions our members ask inform people who have the very same questions but are afraid to ask, so keep up the good work, members!

We happen to have a Rise of the Tomb Raider "Season Pass" left over from our 2016 Holiday drawing, and we're happy to give it to the first member to claim it in this thread!

Hot Deals / Acer Predator X34 Curved UltraWide Monitor - $1,079.99!
« on: January 22, 2017, 09:30:46 AM »
January isn't exactly the best time to find huge tech deals, and this one just came out of nowhere. The awesome Acer Predator X34 Curved UltraWide Monitor is now just $1,079.99 at Amazon, down from the $1,249.99 it typically sells for!

Many TBG readers have picked up this monitor over the past 6 months or so, and the feedback has been nothing but positive. You get Nvidia G-Sync, refresh rates up to 100Hz, and a huge 34" curved 3440x1440 IPS-type panel. It really can't be beat if gaming is your thing!

General Discussion / TBG at CES 2017!
« on: January 02, 2017, 07:27:21 PM »
Have a question you'd like us to ask any of the companies we'll be meeting with at CES 2017, or feedback regarding our coverage of the meetings? Just post here!

Comments or questions about TBG's "4K Gaming Showndown: GeForce GTX 1070 SLI vs. 1080 SLI vs. Titan X Pascal"? Post them here!

With the holidays coming up fast, I thought it might be nice to share a little seasonal cheer with TBG readers. So, I've put together a bunch of cool prizes I'd like to give away. There will be three winners selected:

- Grand Prize: Select any TWO prizes from those shown below
- First Prize: Select any ONE remaining prize after Grand Prize winner has selected
- Second Prize: Select any ONE remaining prize after Grand Prize and First Prize winners have selected

Here are the prizes:

Clockwise from upper left:
(1) Roccat Kova Ambidextrous RGB Mouse
(2) Reeven Brontes Low-Profile CPU Cooler
(3) HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset
(4) Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse
(5) Rise of the Tomb Raider Season Pass (base game not included)
(6) SilverStone AR07 140mm Tower CPU Cooler
(7) EVGA PowerLink Video Card Cable Management

Rules and how to enter the prize drawing:
- This drawing is open only to residents of the 48 contiguous United States. Shipping charges make it prohibitively expensive to ship prizes outside of this area - sorry to all our readers in Hawaii, Alaska, and around the world!
- To enter, simply post a message in this thread by midnight on December 18th listing any tech item or items (not limited to those listed) that you're interested in buying or learning more about! Easy, right?!?
- Winners will be selected by random number drawing on December 19th!

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